How I Make Time Fly On the Treadmill…

Working out is my thing…sometimes.  I recently got a treadmill after years of indecisiveness and I couldn’t be happier about my decision to do so.  I love working out in clothes that I normally wouldn’t be seen in public wearing and getting a good workout in whenever I can.  One of the best ways to get me on the treadmill is to have something good to watch – and only allowing myself to watch these guilty pleasures while working out.  Here are some of my favorites that I love watching – some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and some are just good ole fashioned entertainment…

  • Videos with surprise homecomings from our troops.  Wow…where to begin…I am unbelievably grateful for the the sacrifices that our armed forces give.  These videos show what it means to actually have a loved one go off to to serve our country and the joy that comes when they are welcomed home by their loved ones.

Pet Videos – I am an animal lover.  Is there anything cuter then puppies, or dogs and babies?  Do you love watching cats fly through the air or do mean things to their owners?  If you answered, “no” to either of these questions, please skip to the next set of videos.  If not, click through to two of my favorite YouTube videos.  The first highlighting funny animals and the second where pets play with babies.

Beauty Videos: I am a certified beauty junkie and I love me some YouTube beauty videos.  My favorite types of beauty videos include monthly favorites, “empties” (where girls tell you about products they have used up and let you know if they would buy them again) and tutorials (these include everything from how to apply false eyelashes to how to do a pro manicure).  Some of my favorite gurus include:

Cooking Videos: The only drawback to these is they make me really, really hungry on the treadmill.  Some of my favorite YouTube cooking stars include:

So there it is, my favorite way to get me on the treadmill.  Do you have any secrets to get you motivated and exercising?


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