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Hi there! My name is Catherine and welcome to Lemonade & Lipstick.  I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and absolutely  love it here.  The blog was born as a place where I could share my favorite recipes and has blossomed into a forum where I can share my favorite makeup & beauty tips as well.

I am not a formally trained chef, however I am a graduate of the school, “My Mom Was An Awesome Cook”.  Ever since I was a little girl I can remember sitting on the counter watching my mom cook.  My favorite childhood recipes were always the most simple – roast beef, her salad with red wine vinegar & olive oil salad and a Brazilian side dish, Farofa.  I love reading blogs, cookbooks and watching YouTube cooking videos all in my passion to create new, innovative culinary creations.

Beauty has also been a great love of mine ever since I can remember.  As a young girl I would watch my mom get ready and tell her how she was the prettiest mommy in the whole world.  I remember watching her apply lipstick and artfully backcomb her hair so it laid just “so”.  My passion for beauty has been something that I have always had and love sharing that part of me.

When not working on my blog, I am wife to an amazing man and mom to the two, sweetest, craziest and funniest little boys I know.  I can’t forget my sweet pups Cici, the Havanese and Julio, my Chihuahua.  They are often both snuggled on my lap as I write my blogs.  If you have an questions, inquiries or anything at all, please email me at cathubbard@hotmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!

Easter 2015 in Hawaii
Easter 2015 in Hawaii


  1. Pamdoll | 2nd Jan 15

    Love the blog. Great information xo

    • cathubbard@hotmail.com | 3rd Jan 15

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Pamdoll | 10th Dec 14

    Hi loving the blog. The receive tips are fantastic , can’t wait to try some of them

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