My Favorite Pink Nail Polishes

I love the look of a perfectly manicured nail.  The ironic thing is that in the past I have rarely take the time to do my nails.  It is a horrible habit and one that I am embarrassed to admit.  Between doing extremely mundane household chores, washing my hands constantly and the fact that I just tend to be very hard on my nails I have found that the only thing worse than unpainted nails is chipping nail polish.

I have made a resolution to either have a manicure more frequently or to take the time to give my own nails a mini manicure of their own.  With the whole nail polish chipping problem I do have one work around that seems to work for me.  Enter the nude, baby pink nail polish.  I love the subtle, girliness that these colors provide as well as a less noticeable look when my nails actually do begin to chip.
Here are a few of my faves that I have been gravitating towards recently as well as some that I have been coveting.  Do you have a favorite nude color that you would like to share?  In the scheme of life, having manicured nails falls low on the priority list, however it still makes me feel pretty and special which is worth a whole lot in my book. 🙂


. OPI Nail Laquer – Kiss On The Chic  2. OPI Nail Laquer – Bubble Bath  3. Essie Nail Polish – Petal Pink  4. Essie Nail Polish – Muchi Muchi  5. Orly Laquer – First Kiss  6. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish – Something Borrowed  7. Sephora X Sheer Strength Nail Laquer – Exhilirating
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.51.55 AM

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