Links I Am Loving…

Here are links to some great tips, tricks and new things to try this week.  Check them out!


1. I LOVE Proseco and Sparking wine in general.  My favorite is La Marca which I can get for about $11 at Costco and there is a new Kirkland Proseco that is only $7 a bottle.  Both are delicious and so wallet friendly, however I was intrigued by this article from the Rachel Ray website highlighting the five best sparkling wines under $15.  Click here for the article.

2. I know that Mason Jar Salads are all over Pinterest and they are super fab, but this article featuring 5 Mason Jar Desserts has given me a new outlook (and love for) these trusty containers.

3. Eight Sunscreens That Actually Smell Delicious: I read this and immediately felt like I needed to pass this along.  As I am getting older I am doing everything I can to preserve the skin I have.  Sunscreen is a must and if I can find some that smell yummy as well – then that is a bonus.

4. Summer Bucket List: This article I found on has inspired me to create a list of things I want to create this summer.  I love their fun and inspiring list and am working on my own summer bucket list.

5. Lazy Girl Sweet & Spicy Lime Chicken: This recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it.  Also, I have to add that I love the name – “Lazy Girl” totally roped me in.

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