Cover-Up Craze

I hate going on vacation only to find that I didn’t pack enough of something or hate what I packed.  On a recent trip to Hawaii I found that not only did I not pack enough bathing suit coverups, but the ones that I did pack – I hated.  While on vacation I am very zen so I didn’t stress and made what I had work, however now that I am home, I am on a cover-up mission.

I have a couple of tips regarding purchasing cover-ups that I wanted to share with you.  First, I do not like spending a lot of money on these pieces.  Generally I am swimming, wet and drenched in sunscreen.  These items are used, abused, thrown on the ground, the beach – you get the idea.  Also, when purchasing cover-ups I look under casual dresses.   The second thing I wanted to touch on is to keep an eye open for the fabric.  I love terry coverups as they mimic wearing a towel and are very absorbent.  I have been hard pressed to find any cute terry coverups recently though so if you find any cute ones, by all means, please share.
OK, so without further ado, check out  some of my picks for some coverups that will be likely additions to my Spring/Summer wardrobe.
coverup 1. Black Tiered Crepe Slip Dress – $29.95 at LoveCulture  2. ASOS V-Front Cold Shoulder Beach Cover Up – $36.00 at ASOS  3. Racerback French Terry Romper – $24.99 at Charlotte Russe 4. Nordstrom Fringe Swim Coverup – $28.00 at Nordstrom  5. Steve Madden Mesh Swim Coverup – $34.00 at Nordstrom   6.  Dotti Lasercut V-Neck Kimono Cover-Up – $54.00 at Macy’s



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