Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

Make Up Brush Cleaning

Let’s talk makeup brush cleaning.  I have to that admit that until recently mine have been pretty gross.  An example of my short term solution has been to brush them on the back of my hand so that old shades of shadow or blush wouldn’t transfer onto whatever color combination I would apply next.  I know, disgusting.  However, I decided to make a change to this heinous habit and wanted to share my three tips to my new, hygienic brushes.

The first step is nothing news worthy, but it is simply to cleanse them with a mild cleanser.  There are numerous brands out there and Sephora offers many different high end brands which may work well, but my fave is good ole Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  It is gentle and definitely gives my brushes a good cleanse.  Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but definitely effective.

The second step is to soak the brushes in warm, soapy water a for several minutes.  After soaking give them a good rinse with cold water until there is no more color in the water you are rinsing the brush in.

Finally the third step is to dry them and this is where I have found the real magic.  You see I have always hated washing my brushes (aside from being lazy) is because they never held their shape or felt the same way once I washed them, until now.  Enter KLOUD City White Cosmetic Pen Sheath Make Up Bresh Netting, oh and the best part is that you get 40 for only $8.95 on Amazon.  All you do is slide these babies over your damp makeup brushes and they not only dry perfectly but the brushes hold their shape.  Voila – clean make up brushes that work like new. Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.18.40 PM Not only is makeup brush cleaning important in keeping blemishes away, it is also waayyyyy more sanitary.  Do you wash your makeup brushes regularly and if so what is your favorite way to wash them?  I would love to know.