Daily Archives: April 10, 2015

Cover-Up Craze

I hate going on vacation only to find that I didn’t pack enough of something or hate what I packed.  On a recent trip to Hawaii I found that not only did I not pack enough bathing suit coverups, but the ones that I did pack – I hated.  While on vacation I am very zen so I didn’t stress and made what I had work, however now that I am home, I am on a cover-up mission.

I have a couple of tips regarding purchasing cover-ups that I wanted to share with you.  First, I do not like spending a lot of money on these pieces.  Generally I am swimming, wet and drenched in sunscreen.  These items are used, abused, thrown on the ground, the beach – you get the idea.  Also, when purchasing cover-ups I look under casual dresses.   The second thing I wanted to touch on is to keep an eye open for the fabric.  I love terry coverups as they mimic wearing a towel and are very absorbent.  I have been hard pressed to find any cute terry coverups recently though so if you find any cute ones, by all means, please share.